Many people like to talk a lot about the “issues” of homelessness…addiction…poverty.  But at The Foundry Ministries, we don’t focus on an “issue.”  We zero in on the real people who are affected by these challenges and help them find real change through a relationship with Jesus Christ.


Alana: Stories of Reshaped LivesAlana: Stories of Reshaped LivesAlana is a Story of a Reshaped Live. Today she is working and looking to complete her college education, but for 10 years she dealt with addiction.

A Brand New PersonA Brand New PersonI was losing everything a little bit at a time. . . Since the age of 12, Holly had been “in control.” When here mother died, she took responsibility for her younger sister. She believed she was in control too when she started using drugs in her late 20’s. I can stop when I want

From Hunger to HopeFrom Hunger to HopeImagine never eating a crisp salad or a fresh, juicy apple packed with wholesome nutrients your body needs to thrive. Unfortunately, this is the reality for some low-income families and senior adults in our community with limited access to transportation. The Foundry’s Mobile Food Pantry brings nourishment to our neighborhoods, driving into five low-income areas

A Heart Restored by God's LoveA Heart Restored by God's LoveLeann and her husband once had good jobs and a nice home where they were raising their three children. But Leann fell victim to an addiction that cost them their family and their future. “I was spending more and more money on drugs,” she shares. The couple eventually divorced, and her husband took custody of

A Change of HeartA Change of Heart“I’ve never taken any kind of drugs… never smoked any type of cigarette or marijuana,” Israel says. Yet, he admits, he had an addiction to making fast money on the streets. But when he was arrested, the money didn’t matter. He was sentenced to prison for 15 years. “At that point I started to rely

Finally Fulfilling God's CallFinally Fulfilling God's Call“God was always part of my life… I always believed in Him,” John says. “But I always felt guilt and shame.” Abused and neglected as a child, he began using drugs to cope with the turmoil he felt inside. As he grew older, addiction took control, causing him to behave in ways that filled his

A New Life of Promise and HopeA New Life of Promise and HopeCathie started using drugs at a party. “Everybody was doing it,” she says. In her early 20s at the time, she had no idea how addiction would come to rule her life. She built relationships with men who shared her habit, but they didn’t last. She stopped using when she had her two children, but

A Time for Peace and HealingA Time for Peace and HealingThroughout his childhood, Danny says, “My parents gave me their heart and soul and tried everything possible to keep me off drugs.” But as a teenager, his curiosity prevailed and he was introduced to crack cocaine. Danny rode motorcycles competitively and hoped to build a career from the sport. But fueling his growing addiction became