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There is nothing like seeing the stars with crickets chirping in the night. Slow down, hear from God, and find peace in sobriety.


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Eddie Wilson

Director of The Foundry Farm

Frequenty Asked Questions

Yes. If you do not have a place to detox, contact the Recovery Resource Center at 205-458-3377 to find help locating a detox facility.
$695 is due upon arrival. We accept cash, credit card (with a small processing fee added), money order, or a cashier check.
9 months, with 6 months mandatory residing on campus.
After 6 months participants have the option of remaining on campus through graduation or going home to complete their program, and for those who choose to stay on campus, they must seek full time employment and may have their vehicles at that time.
Unfortunately only cigarettes are allowed; no vapes.
Electronic devices are not permitted; we have a resource center where a business phone and computer access is provided. Each dorm has landlines for personal calls.
You may have 12 outfits; modesty is our policy. No leggings or clothing with holes are permitted. And bring a pair of closed toed shoes to wear during employment readiness.
Yes, beginning in Phase 2, which is after 4 weeks, you receive two 24 hour passes during the 10 weeks and then in Phase 3 you receive three 48 hour passes. We also offer 6 hour passes on Sundays during Phases 2 through 4
Visitation may be scheduled for participants in Phase 1, 2 or 3. Visitation occurs on Sunday afternoon between 12 noon – 6 PM. Visitors must sign in at the Admin Office between 12 – 2 PM.
No, but any urinary or saliva drug test submitted after your intake drug test must be negative; a positive drug test will result in dismissal from the program.
Support our Life-Change programs by joining The Change. The Change is our group of dedicated monthly donors who help us focus on what really matters.
A $30 monthly donation provides 15 meals.
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