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Heather, Stories of Reshaped Lives

Heather, A Reshaped Life

Themed birthday parties: check
Disney World vacation: check
High school academia team: check
State all-star athlete: check
Five bedroom home: check

Although my Mama and Daddy made me the center of their universe, I still felt alone, lost, and empty because of the extreme dysfunction of their relationship.

My Daddy was a dedicated peanut farmer. He was equally dedicated to drinking, and drinking led to anger. Anger led to arguing, and arguing led to physical abuse towards Mama. Dysfunction was my norm.

Many years of doing meth later, I began to traffic large amounts, and in 2016 I was arrested with over 650 grams in my possession.

The judge gave me a favor, which I now recognize as the Lord. He did not send me to prison.

I am at the Foundry. The seeds of faith inside me are now coming into full bloom. I am taking what the world said was terrible and using it for good.

Jeannie and Jeff Gray are an intricate part of my life. I am a street worker, so being in the know of weather conditions is always important. She loves me enough to remind me of the weather conditions and how to prepare in case of an emergency. This is something that only a mother would do. So in a sense, she has become a mother figure. She is family now. We pray with and for each other. She is always on my recent calls list. She even funded and participated in the interior restoration of Esther, my home.

I have learned to no longer cover up my feelings or be ashamed. I am now a daughter of the King and a disciple of Christ, saved by grace.

The Foundry is my launching pad for my mission. I am humbled to be a part of this great ministry and will forever be grateful for the opportunity to be here. Thank you, and God bless you for your prayers, time, and your love.

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