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Amber: Stories of Reshaped Lives

My name is Amber Collins. I was in addiction for over 20 years. My first memories of pain and fear started at three years old when I was molested in Sunday School. My mother was also verbally and physically abused. The enemy came after me in church because I am a threat to him. 

I was given alcohol at the age of nine and marijuana at thirteen. As a teen, I continued to be sexually assaulted, emotionally, and physically abused. The older I got, the more I hated myself and used substances to feel normal. The self-loathing grew more and more. 

Other kids used to say that when we are drunk, that is who we really are. This stuck with me and created a stronghold. Intoxicated, I was a horrible person who did horrible things, and I carried this mentality for many years. This was a sick cycle. 

I lost my family and went through a separation from my children. I had nothing and cried out to God for His help. 

I heard that drums symbolize war and tambourines freedom/victory. I started asking God to provide a drum and tambourine while I was in addiction. Well, he did! 

One day, while using drugs, someone brought me a bongo drum and a 1960s tambourine. I started to declare war and victory. A few days later, someone put a preacher on tv, and my spirit was fed. 

I continued to praise my way to the Foundry Women’s Center. Death had been coming for me. The Foundry helped me dig up roots and replace them with seeds of faith, healing, life, forgiveness, and discipleship. His word says to walk in His power and authority because he came to set the captives free. Just because I was not behind bars in jail didn’t mean I wasn’t in my own prison. 

For the Lord to trust me and use me in ministry is jaw-dropping. If it wasn’t for The Foundry planting seeds, feeding my spirit, and giving me a chance at life, I wouldn’t be here today. I have never had this kind of love, and I fight daily to protect it.

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