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Tonya, Stories of Reshaped Lives


Stories of Reshaped Lives

My dad was an alcoholic, and I grew up in a household with a stepdad that was an alcoholic. I began drinking at 12 because I thought it was normal. All through my teenage and young adulthood years, I believed every lie spoken over me and accepted it as normal.

My addiction began having dire consequences. It led me to jail and close to death. My son, a graduate of The Foundry six years prior, stepped in to offer help. That is how I came to the program.

If it weren’t for the staff and volunteers of the program speaking life into me, I would certainly have died. I truly believe that. The program taught me the Truth of who I am, my purpose on earth, and the grace of God.

The volunteers would bring dinners and encourage us. I missed being with my family. The volunteers that came made me feel connected. It was like having another family cheering me on, praying for me and my journey. It was like having someone else in your corner. That was HUGE!

Just knowing how much they cared about my life made me want to make them proud. Because they volunteer so selflessly, I want them to know it is not in vain. They are truly an inspiration to me. I want to be able to do what they do…one day.

God has restored everything the devil tried to steal. I am a beauty from ashes, and I owe it all to the people (through God) who support the Women’s program at the Foundry.

Your support can give the next Stephanie their chance at a new life.
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