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Stephanie, Stories of Reshaped Lives

Stephanie, Stories of Reshaped Lives

I used drugs socially until 2009. I was living a normal life with a job and my own apartment. Suddenly my mother passed away, and it sent me into a deep depressive state. Her death felt like a big part of me was missing.

My dad and little sister depended on me to pay bills and tend to our elderly grandmother. I had been dealing with sickness when I found out I was pregnant, causing me to become sicker.

I had to quit a job of 4 years and lost my apartment.

I felt like a failure. I felt alone.

After my son was born, I started taking pain pills, which led to heroin and IV drug use. In 2013 my son’s father committed suicide. He loved his dad so much.

The only relief I got was from drugs, which was only temporary. I kept doing more and more. Until one day, I realized I needed help. This was the first time I cried out to the Lord.

A new relationship led to another pregnancy. I was still using drugs and miscarried at 4 months due to an infection of my amniotic fluid. I had gotten so sick my body rejected the baby. They arrested me the next day and charged me with chemical endangerment. I was then given the option to come to The Foundry.

I had so much heartbreak when I arrived. Was it possible to ever feel whole again? I paid attention and took to heart everything they taught us. I began understanding what I had to do and who God created me to be. I felt his heart and began to walk in his ways. I found rest, purpose, peace, trust, and love. The hole I thought would never fill is now nonexistent.

The volunteers show us so much love. The time and effort they pour into us is vital to our recovery. They show you kindness. They help build your trust in people again. They fight side by side with us and for us.

I thank God every day for the journey that got me here and the people he placed in my life at the exact time I needed each one.

Your support can give the next Stephanie their chance at a new life.
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