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Sharon, Stories of Reshaped Lives

Sharon, Stories of Reshaped Lives

I am a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. I pray that someday my descendants will thank God for the seeds that I am sowing today.

I grew up in church and accepted Jesus as my savior, and was baptized at a young age. Circumstances in my preteen years caused me to believe God had turned his back on me. So, I turned my back on God and religion.

At 15 years old, I was introduced to marijuana and vodka. Through many years and bad relationships, alcohol was regularly present in my life. For the past eight years, I have also struggled with heroin addiction. I was two and a half years clean, but after my job shutdown and I developed skin cancer, I relapsed.

God brought me to the Foundry. From the time I arrived, I have felt welcome, loved, and at home. I am grateful for the counselors, pastors, the other participants, and the staff who work hard to keep everything in order. I’m incredibly thankful to all of the ladies that have unselfishly given their time to teach me about grace, hope, mercy, forgiveness, and love. They have shared their knowledge and understanding of God and allowed me to ask them the hard questions. I have learned to open up and listen to someone other than myself for answers.

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All of the volunteers have impacted me; home cooking, crafts, singing, teaching, the list goes on. But their smiles, prayers and love that radiates through them is a Godsend. These ladies have helped more than one generation in my family.

The Freedom Class and conference was really amazing. I was able to completely let go so God’s will could be done in my life. I rededicated my life and was baptized. Thank you to all who were a part of my journey.

Through the pain in my unforgiving and hopeless life, God brought me to the Foundry to start healing. He brought me here to forge me into the child of God I was meant to be. This season is preparing me for a more wonderful life than I could have ever dreamed.

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