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The Genesis Process

Core to The Foundry’s recovery process is the curriculum we use. Faith guides every aspect of our programs, and The Genesis Process is a big piece of that puzzle.

Developed by Michael Dye, this curriculum combines “both Biblical and neuro-chemical understanding of what is broken that causes us to be self-destructive.” Understanding your addiction is one of the first steps to recognizing its grip on your life. The Genesis Process is excellent at this.

At The Foundry, we like to approach addiction recovery from a body, mind, and spirit perspective. Employment Readiness and proper nutrition get participants back into physical shape. Education and Counseling help refocus the mind. Chapel services and The Genesis Process give participants a sense of purpose and hope for the future, an aspect of recovery that many programs severely lack.

We believe the best evangelism is a changed life. Therefore it is the goal of The Genesis Process and Programs to be intimately involved as part of the body of Christ in the Great Commission through the successful restoration of broken lives.

Read how The Genesis Process help change Cyndi’s life.

Read Cyndi’s Story

“The Bible and other literature have told us for literally thousands of years that if we want to change who we are and what we do, we have to change our heart. New understanding from brain research shows us how trauma (abuse and neglect) can distort who we are and what we believe and thus how we act. Genesis is intentional about initiating lasting heart (brain) changes, thus bringing healing to what drives destructive behavior rather than just coping with it.”

The goal of The Foundry isn’t just to save lives. We want everyone we come in contact with to leave with a better quality of life. The Genesis Process, combined with the components of The Foundry Way, radically changes the lives of men and women towards healing and freedom.

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