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Addiction Aftercare: life-long recovery

Addiction Aftercare Life-long recovery Addiction has been declared an epidemic in the United States. It affects individuals, families, education, politics, socioeconomics, healthcare, employment, crime, transportation, and housing. These are only a few lenses from the larger perspective.  Faced with such a tremendous health concern, people often have many questions about addiction and recovery. One such …

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7 Pillars of a Freedom Palace

by Graham Bufford Director of Aftercare/CLCC “Wisdom has built a palace supported on seven pillars.” – Proverbs 9:1 TLB Long term and sustained recovery is more than possible! It’s actually very likely if one practices wisdom and remains committed to God’s principles and processes. The following are seven pillars on which to build a healthy …

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Got Questions?

We often get asked many questions about the counseling that is offered here at The Foundry. Check out these common FAQs put together by Graham Bufford, The Foundry Ministries Director of Aftercare. What type of counseling best describes what is offered at The Foundry? The type of counseling The Foundry Ministries offers is best defined …

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