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Sweet Home Heroin

There’s an epidemic in our country tearing through families like a tornado in a Kansas town, bringing about incredible devastation to all who are in it’s path. An astounding 91 Americans die every single day from opioid overdose, which gives this non-discriminating killer the #1 cause of accidental death in the United States. Beating out gunshot wounds and car accidents, opioid deaths take victims at a faster pace than the H.I.V. epidemic when it hit its peak.

Most men and women who enter our program, do so out of sheer desperation with only two options: The Foundry or death. Offering a second chance at life, they are immediately showered with love and grace as they enter our doors. Then they can begin their long, 12-month journey of healing. Restoring life after addiction comes with many bumps in the road; but again, as they consider the alternative they endeavor to persevere.

Below is a piece from Jack Royer with WVUA 23 interviewing our very own Jackie Gann, former program participant and current director of our Men’s Program, which originally aired in November 2015 and is worth re-visiting.

We work very hard to help fight this devastating epidemic. For those who struggle with addiction, our door is always open to help re-store, reshape and re-build their lives. If you or someone you know needs help, please call 1.205.424.HOPE (4673) or email us at

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