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Monthly Prayer: My God is Faithful

 if we are faithless, he remains faithful— 2 Timothy 2:13 ESV


 Lord, I’m so grateful for your constant, never ending love for me. It’s a love that is never based on how kind my words are, how pure my thoughts are, or how many good things I do. It’s a love that is faithful forever. It’s a love this solely based on You and who You are. 

It’s hard living in this fallen world. People fail me. Situations bring disappointment. Words can be hurtful. My vision gets clouded by the brokenness around me and, instead of living from a place of trust, I respond out of fear. 

But God, you are so good to me. 

Your love is unrelenting. Your presence is constant. Your promises are true and unswerving. On my good days and on my bad days, you are devoted to working all things for my good and Your glory. You patiently wait for me to recognize Your presence and You draw me in with Your mercy and grace. Thank you Lord, for your unyielding faithfulness. 

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