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Michael: Fifty for Fifty

Michael Gilbert: Fifty Stories for Fifty Years

I spent a total of 32 years in prison, 17 of those in federal prison. I was convicted of bank robbery, escape, and assault. I received a life sentence from the State of Alabama in 1998. I made parole in 2009, however, I was placed back into federal custody for a violation of parole. I was released on Jan 3rd, 2014, and I came to The Foundry re-entry program on January 9th, 2014.

Two life-transforming events happened to me while I was at the Foundry.

1. Pastor Mark’s discipleship class.
That class gave me an understanding of God. He explained scripture to me in a way that I had never heard before. It was a huge part in me giving my life to Jesus.

2. I was asked to interview with James Jones for the position of kitchen manager.
James was a big influence in my life. He helped me take my next steps in my relationship with God. I got baptized and I joined a Life Group.

Everyone at The Foundry poured into me. Never in my wildest dreams could I have seen my life doing a complete turnaround. The people God put in my life are amazing, and the blessings I have received are bountiful.

I am now a certified recovery specialist, I am involved with prison ministry, and was recently elected to serve on the Board of Directors for Alethia House. My relationships with family have been restored, and my life is completely turned around because of The Foundry and the Grace of God.

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