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Mary: Fifty for Fifty

Mary: Fifty Stories for Fifty Years

Mary is a mother of three and a grandmother of four. She graduated from The Foundry in 2003. What led her to The Foundry?

“I was sick and tired of being on crack cocaine. I was tired of the way my life was spiraling downhill, and I wanted help. I wasn’t born to be what I had become.”

Mary had been an addict for 18 years. She lost custody of her kids and knew she needed help.

“I already knew I needed help because I began to do things I normally wouldn’t do. I know I needed help when my daughter stopped me as I was going out the door, and she asked me, ‘What, you don’t love me?’ That is what truly opened my eyes.”

 Today, life is very different for Mary.

“I have a relationship with God, my children, and myself. I help others to overcome their struggles and encourage them to live a life without substance abuse. There’s freedom in a life free of addiction.

The program taught me that I was forgiven and that I can have a new life. As a result of The Foundry, I walk in a new life today.”


Today, Mary gives back to the program that saved her life. 

“I now work as the Telemarketing Manager at The Foundry. I can work with participants in this role and ensure they have accountability when they leave the program. I encourage them just to hold on and trust the path that God has put us on.

I encourage them to talk about their past no matter how much it hurts. When someone talks about their past, it can no longer have a hold on them. I urge them to let go of the shame, guilt, and resentment; let go of anything that is not bringing you joy and peace. I let them know they can be free and always have hope.

My breakthrough was forgiving myself and forgiving others who harmed me when I was younger.”

 Help the next Mary regain their life.

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