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Judd Drake, Stories of Reshaped Lives

Judd Drake, a former Recovery Program Participant Comes Back to Work Full-Time

Before Judd Drake came to The Foundry Ministries, his life was, as he put it, “[a] total life of destruction.” Judd was addicted to drugs and sold them as well, to the point of making a full-time job of it. “I had no purpose in life, really,” he said.

He was sober for four years before he was a participant at The Foundry. However, one small compromise he made quickly put his life in a tailspin once again. “Your heart begins to harden, and the scales go back over your eyes, and you basically, on purpose, go blind to the destruction you’re living,” he said.

After finding out about The Foundry Ministries through a staff member, he began his 13th attempt at rehabilitation. He was welcomed into The Foundry Men’s Recovery Program, where those who enter go through The Foundry Way; this includes Counseling, Education, Employment Readiness, Case Management, and Aftercare. He committed an entire year to take in all The Foundry had to offer him. Judd credits The Foundry Ministries for showing him God’s timing. “Every step that I took, God’s timing was perfect,” he said. “The way I experienced God’s timing during my year here, that’s what stood out to me.”

When his program tenure came to a close, he won the Bill and Michele Heintz Servant Leadership Award. This award is given away 6 times a year, with around 300 people eligible each time. Now, Judd has come back to The Foundry as a Men’s Counselor. He leads by example as he shepherds men through their time here. His life is a testimony to what God can do when you surrender to Him. 

He has a message to people who may be considering coming to The Foundry: “Don’t let the enemy encourage you into complacency.” 

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