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Lives are forever changed at The Foundry

Your support means changes lives!

20,000,000 Americans are dealing with addiction. Over 100,000 will die from an overdose just this year.

Your contribution has the power to transform lives, heal communities, and bring hope to those in need. By making a donation to The Foundry, you’re joining us in our relentless pursuit of helping individuals overcome addiction and rebuild their lives with dignity and purpose.

Your donation today is an investment in the future of countless individuals and communities. Together, we can rewrite stories of addiction into stories of triumph and hope. Last year, The Foundry helped over 500 individuals with their addiction. Each one needed:

$35: A Workbook

The Genesis Process Workbook is the core guide to understand the spiritual and neurological reasons behind addiction.

$100: Toiletries

Every participant needs a new pillow, blanket, and hygiene essentials when they enter our program.

$1,850: One Month

Provide everything a participant needs, from meals and shelter to education and counseling for a month.

Donate now and be a catalyst for change!

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