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Finally Fulfilling God’s Call

“God was always part of my life… I always believed in Him,” John says. “But I always felt guilt and shame.”

Abused and neglected as a child, he began using drugs to cope with the turmoil he felt inside. As he grew older, addiction took control, causing him to behave in ways that filled his life with anger and regret. Through it all, however, he never stopped hearing God’s voice. “He continued to be in my heart and in my mind,” John shares.

Finally John landed in jail, where he began to pray for God’s guidance. When he was released, his pastor referred him to The Foundry’s Recovery Program. Here, he says, through the staff’s love and leadership, “I began to grasp what God was trying to do in my life.”

After graduation, John entered our transitional living program at our Changed Lives Christian Center in Birmingham, where he embraced his first opportunity to serve the Lord. His role as a dorm leader, assisting and encouraging other residents, was preparing him for things to come. While in the city he began to notice the plight of homeless youth and finally knew his true calling. He joined an organization that helps young people get off the streets and find stable jobs and housing.

Today John is excited to be following the path he knows God has laid out for him and feels blessed by opportunities to be a godly role model for young people who are struggling as he did to build meaningful and productive lives. “I just try to be the example,” he says. “Sometimes we’re the only Bible somebody will ever read.”

To read the Summer 2017 newsletter that features this story, download it here.

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