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Dazzling Light

by Graham Bufford
Director of After Care

“Moses said, ‘The LORD has commanded you to do all this, so that the dazzling light of his presence can appear to you.’”Leviticus 9:6 GNT

Be assured that there is purpose to everything the Lord does. Even if it began as something evil, the Lord can still work all things to the good of those He loves and has called according to His purposes.

The above verse comes as an explanation right after a lengthy and detailed ceremony for Aaron, the first tabernacle priest. A tabernacle priest was required to make special movements and numerous sacrifices, but they all had meaning and served a purpose.

Dazzling means “extremely bright, especially to blind the eyes temporarily” or “extremely impressive, beautiful, or skillful.” Many movements of life may seem tedious or unnecessary and sacrifices will be needed from time to time, many of which may be painful. During these times of waiting and trial, we need to apply our faith to seek for God’s presence in order to be “blinded,” or distracted, from our natural circumstances and to be encouraged that God’s plans for us are prosperity, hopeful, and far reaching.

Impressive, beautiful, and skillful – dazzling light!

Papa, help us to shift our gaze to your dazzling light in all that we do so that we are distracted during our times of waiting and trial. Help us to see your light at the end of the tunnel so that we may persevere through the hard times. In Jesus name. Amen.

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