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Cyndi, Stories of Reshaped Lives

I’ve had 10 years of addiction in pain pills, meth, and marijuana. What the Foundry has done for me is restore my relationship with Jesus. It is something I lost along the way due to sin. It has brought hope, structure, and discipline back into my life.

The curriculum courses have been truly amazing. It is very easy to open up to everybody here. All the pastors here are very friendly. Everybody is very supportive, from the outreach center to the thrift stores. They are very easy to talk to and get along with. They give you hope that you can live a life after addiction.

The volunteers are amazing and the facilities feel like home. The work readiness program is amazing. I enjoyed working at the thrift store and at the office. Being around others has brought hope back. I’m able to do what I need to get ahead in life, from getting up every day for work, talking to God on my own, or getting my legal matters fixed.

No matter how deep in the hole you think you may be, there is a way out. Everybody here gives you that hope. It’s brought my life back to where it needs to be with God and where I need to be as a mature women to go on with life after addiction.

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