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Betsy Kopecky, Volunteer Highlight

I have been volunteering at The Foundry for 21 years.

I love being a small part of showing the hope and mercy of the Lord to the women at The Foundry. The Lord has sent me a ‘gift of encouragement’ many times, and if I can be a bringer of encouragement to the women, it is all worth it.

Sometimes the women will tell me how much the teaching of Psalm 23 has comforted them, and they have shared it with their children. Wow!

Often, I run into those women who are now working or doing other things. Many will tell me they remember that teaching. They have not forgotten our need for our Shepherd…Jesus! God’s Word is powerful!

Volunteering has strengthened me in more ways than I can say. As I teach His Word, it strengthens my heart as I speak it. I know that the Lord calls us ‘to go’ to those in hard places, and going is healing for us as well. I don’t remember all the different women’s names that I have taught or mentored, but I believe I will see many of them one day in Heaven. What joy!!

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