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At Home With Coach

At Home With Coach

Due to COVID-19, we’ve had to adapt in all of our programs. Everything from cooking to preaching has been reviewed, altered, and occasionally improved. Our most recent change was to our Leadership Breakfast, a huge event that raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for our programs. This year we went virtual.

It wasn’t an easy decision or an easy change. We changed the name to better reflect the event, stuffed coolers of food, and filmed all over the state. We learned a lot of new skills. However, we were able to have an excellent event. Much of that was due to the amazing people who helped put it together.

Bruce Pearl, Lauren Sisler, Rick & Bubba, Jim Dunaway, and our team of fundraisers were instrumental in this success. Their passion for The Foundry and those struggling in addiction allowed us to raise funds that we need to save lives.

Most importantly, we would like to thank those who sponsored and generously gave during the event. Your generosity is unbelievable. You are saving lives every day as we battle the opioid epidemic in the middle of a pandemic.

We urge you to partner with us and continue to give.

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