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Adopt A Classroom

Support teachers, care for students,  promote education

Sprinklers are on. Popsicles are being consumed by the box. Homework is nowhere to be found. Signs are all around that indicate summertime is in full swing!  Most kids, and parents, yearn for summer all year long. The concerns of the school year have subsided and it’s all about fun now.

But, not for everyone.

Some parents are already worried about what the next school year will bring; they wonder how they will cover the cost of uniforms and school supplies. They struggle to make ends meet, so these worries add to the large burden already on their shoulders. Fortunately, there are many resources in the Bessemer and surrounding areas that provide solutions to help ease those particular concerns for the parents of students at J. S. Abrams Elementary. 100% of students at Abrams live at or below the poverty level, so these tools are vital for them.

If you’ve spent any time in a classroom setting, you know there are multiple pieces that are required to ensure students are able to succeed in that environment. This summer, The Foundry Ministries is working to ensure every classroom at Abrams Elementary is equipped with classroom supplies necessary to create healthy, effective learning environments for their students.

Adopt-a-Classroom pairs local companies with a kindergarten – 5th grade classroom at Abrams. These companies spend the summer collecting a predetermined set of supplies for their assigned classroom. Items such as disinfectant wipes to keep desks free of germs. Paper towels to clean up a spill at snack time. Dry erase markers to teach the first spelling lesson. Items that are most often paid for out of the teacher’s pocket due to parents not being able to cover the cost of those items for their child.

Adopt-a-Classroom supports teachers, cares for students, and promotes education. You can be a part of this too! Check out our website to learn how to get involved.

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