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November 2017

Was It You Who Gave on #GivingTuesday?

Tuesdays have a great potential. For example, #TacoTuesday is a great day. It can mean crunchy, soft, spicy or mild—with all the trimmings. (Extra cheese and guacamole, anyone?)  For the price of a taco, you can transform #TacoTuesday to #GivingTuesday to reshape a life and make a permanent impact—with all the trimmings of joy, peace …

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Yada Even the Fleas

How do we find an attitude of gratitude when life sucks? When things don’t go our way? When the train is stuck on the tracks and we can’t get to where we need to go? Or our kids won’t speak to us? Or we get a bad diagnosis from the doctor? Or the checkbook math isn’t making sense and our bills pile up?

Got Questions?

We often get asked many questions about the counseling that is offered here at The Foundry. Check out these common FAQs put together by Graham Bufford, The Foundry Ministries Director of Aftercare. What type of counseling best describes what is offered at The Foundry? The type of counseling The Foundry Ministries offers is best defined …

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