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Year-End Giving Win/Win

The end of the year is quickly approaching and now is the perfect time to create a charitable win/win.  Make sure you do not miss this window of opportunity to make the most impact and benefit from the 2021 tax deductions offered to you. 

How to create a win/win? Donate financially to The Foundry before December 31st. Your donation may reduce the amount of taxes you have to pay for 2021 and you will make a direct impact on the lives of the men and women in our programs who are seeking a fresh start. 

Another way to give is to donate ‘in-kind’! Clean out your closets and make room for your family’s new Christmas gifts. Donate your gently used items to our thrift stores and receive a tax receipt. The revenue generated from our stores goes directly into our local programs.

Lastly, you can make room for other cars in your driveway and start 2021 without the ‘junk’ car you have been worrying about. We will pick up your unwanted vehicle and you will receive a tax benefit. 

Donating to charity is a major mood-booster. The knowledge that you’re helping others is empowering and, in turn, can make you feel happier and more fulfilled. You will be making a tremendous impact and lives will be permanently transformed because of your investment. It is a win/win to finish 2021! 


Give financially at this link:

 Schedule a pick-up from our thrift stores here:

Schedule your car donation here:

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