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The Shift in Security Amidst Support

The Shift in Security Amidst Support

People will always maximize their potential in a community of healthy relationships. Primarily evident from the truth of Scripture, the impact of relationships on a person’s well-being is also validated with considerable depth from research literature. Life change happens within the context of relationships.

Addiction is not learned in a classroom; addiction is “an adapted lifestyle sustained by a mindset formed over time by reactive behaviors that repeat in a predictable and progressive pattern” (Winslett, 2019). Lifestyles influenced and sustained by toxic relationships will predictably and progressively diminish a person’s value, sabotage opportunities, and torpedo a person’s recovery! Show us your relationships and we’ll prophesy your future!

Someone say, “Check your circle!”

At The Foundry, we view the local church as not only essential, but also as the most important part of a person’s recovery support team. The 3rd component in our Aftercare PASS Mindset speaks to Shifts in Security amidst Support. Security to The Foundry means absolute trust in the Lord for our ultimate and the paralleled definition of support is defined as certain connection of met needs through my relationship with God and His church. While we do not choose a church for participants to attend while in the later stages of our programs, we do hold them accountable to attend at least one outside class or group and one worship service per week in an outside church family. There are at least 37 New Testament local church principles we must obey in order to live our best lives. Life goes on outside of The Foundry and it’s best continued with the fellowship of a thriving home church!

Additionally, there are certain shifts in recovery with which we coach our participants while making this important transition. We support their lifestyle from surviving, hiding, & backsliding to thriving, abiding, & deciding! We shift them from insecurity in total abort to Security amidst healthy Support!

 Below are 3 of 12 Shifts in Security amidst Support:

  • The Love Shift: From party animal to lover of souls.

o   The best life is not dependent upon constant entertainment; the best life is consistent in love.

  • The Intentionality Shift: From anxiously avoidant to confidently competent.

o   We choose our choices and therefore choose life’s consequences. If we desire our best life, then we must choose intentional living.

  • Receptivity Shift: Complainer to retainer.

o   God has made us all treasure within earthen vessels. We either invest and add more treasure or we bury it with garbage. An effective way to receive more treasure is to view all experiences as opportunities to learn. No one can learn through complaint!

Proverbs 11:14 (MEV) tells us that “Where there is no counsel, the people fall; but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.” Relationships flow in repeatable and predictable patterns, for better or worse. Churches and the people of God break cycles of addiction while helping shift people to living their best life!


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