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The Greatest Blessing

I’ve never been in an actual prison cell, but I do remember all too well the prison of hopelessness while living outside of God’s will. Because of this, I may have a special affection for the men in The Foundry’s Prison ReEntry program, who are transitioning from prison to productive living in our community. I can see it in their faces—that familiar hopelessness.

One man I met had quite an impact on me. He was weathered; worn and beat up by the life he had chosen to lead. We had an opportunity to pray together, and when our eyes met afterward, tears filled his eyes and flowed down his face. I was overjoyed that God would use me to impact another life and I could barely contain my own tears of joy.

I was hired to work part time at The Foundry in April, 2012 in the business office. An opportunity for full time employment came later in the year and I jumped right in head first. I fell in love with the job, and I’ve been here ever since. My formal education is in teaching, not business, but at The Foundry, in the business office, I am a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

My primary role here is that of Christian. Often, a program participant and I have a moment of prayer, and God’s Word is spoken. I love sharing hope through conversations that start out as mundane and business-centered. I get to pray with many hurting people. We often pray for God’s provision of a good job and I can share my testimony of cancer-survival, miraculous financial provision, joy in the midst of depression and the power of hope that comes from a loving God. I’ve also prayed many times with the program participants, that they would take what they learn here and be a light in the dark places of the world where Satan thinks he has many victories.

My job is more than email correspondence and phone calls and meetings. My job is my greatest blessing because I am in a place where God may use me daily to introduce the hope of His Son.

Where does God have you right now and how can He use you to be a blessing?

No greater job exists! No greater blessing exists!

Sandy Wade
Administrative Assistant, Business Office

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