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Suzanna – Volunteer Highlight

Finding your calling and living it out is one of the most rewarding experiences. While many find their calling through work, family, or hobbies, we believe that volunteering is one of the best ways to find one. 

Suzanne knew she had found a calling at The Foundry.

“The first night I walked into The Foundry for the small group, I felt God saying, ‘This is what I was preparing you for.’ The love for the women was overwhelming.”

We strongly believe in a ‘come as you are’ mentality for serving. You may feel unworthy because of past deeds or unable because of current skills. For Suzanne, that wasn’t going to be a limiting factor.

“In 2008, I was arrested with my husband for selling prescription medications illegally. After five months in a Federal Prison, I saw that God wanted me to be able to connect with women who have been in trouble.”

At The Foundry, she relates with other women from shared experiences as a mentor and small group leader.

“I love seeing the women realize that God had never left them. That lightbulb moment. Their relationships with God and their families renew. They find freedom in their life in Christ.”

She believes stepping out in faith is the only way to find your calling.

“When you get a calling from the Lord, it doesn’t ever look the way you tried to plan it. Sometimes it takes years to prepare for your calling. Step out in faith and let God lead you. Thank you, God, for choosing me!”

The men and women in our programs are desperate for people to love and nurture them. You don’t need a degree in counseling or professional culinary skills. Come as you are, in faith, with an open heart. Thank you, God, for choosing me!

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