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Sexual what?

Sexual What?

Integrity. Can the words sexual and Integrity be used together? Yes, they can. 

Of all the areas in our lives that need honesty and morals, sexuality should be at the top of the list. This is an area where so many scars and wounds have been formed by past mistakes. Usually, at a time in our life when we didn’t apply God’s word to our actions. A time of learning and growing, only to realize later, “I should have made a different choice”.

When we decided to teach Sexual Integrity to our clients, we had no idea of the impact it would have in their lives. They were waiting for someone to discuss this difficult area of their lives that no one wanted to discuss openly. How do I get past my sexual mistakes and wounds? How do I change my behavior and heal?

A 49-year-old female says, “Never before in my life have I heard that a sexual relationship is to be between a husband and a wife in a covenant relationship”.

A 48- year- old male ask “If I sleep with my girlfriend, will I lose my salvation?” 

We knew we are onto something. Not everyone knows what you assume they know. 

Regardless of the sexual education level and how it lines up with the Word of God, we are all cast into it by our natural desires. Without guidance, we find ourselves in situations that are sinful.

There is hope. Sexual integrity and healing can be obtained from God’s Word, prayer, and open honest discussions. We should not be ashamed, carry guilt, or be embarrassed by our human sexual nature. God created us to live healthy sexual lives. Pro-creation and intimacy with the person we choose to love in accordance with his Word. It was created to be a beautiful thing.

Sexual; relating to the instincts, physiological processes connected with physical attraction or intimate contact between individuals.

Integrity; The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

Sexual Integrity. It’s a thing!

~Darrell Garrett


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