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Rescue Program

One of your neighbors will go hungry tonight.

There are people living in poverty who need our help. You can be part of transforming communities.

Transforming Communities

There are many in the Bessemer community who don’t have the resources necessary to escape poverty.

Meeting Immediate Needs

We take food and medical attention for granted. The Foundry is the only chance for some to receive it.

A Second Chance for Restoration

The Changed Lives Christian Center provides men with the opportunity to find a new life.



“God was always part of my life… I always believed in Him, but I always felt guilt and shame.”

Abused and neglected as a child, he began using drugs to cope with the turmoil he felt inside. As he grew older, addiction took control, causing him to behave in ways that filled his life with anger and regret. Through it all, however, he never stopped hearing God’s voice. “He continued to be in my heart and in my mind,” John shares.

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For more information about our Rescue Program,
please email or call 205-424-HOPE(4673).

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