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Aftercare Program

Addiction Recovery is a life-long process.

The Foundry partners with participants of our program for life, providing all the support needed for life-long success.
We call this process PASS.


Prepare for a PURPOSE

By Preparing for a Purpose, perfected passion produces prosperity! We need the answer to the question “For what purpose was I created” or be working on figuring that out!

Acceptance within ACCOUNTABILITY

Centering on God’s acceptance while being in a system of accountability is the most common denominator in all of recovery. Finding Acceptance within Accountability is finding daily victory!

Security amidst SUPPORT

The local church is not only what the Bible refers to as the hope of the world, the local Church (the people of God) is the hope of our individual worlds! Security amidst Support speaks to our protection by being around other people of like precious faith.

Significance experienced through SERVICE

Feelings of significance do not come from a paycheck, a relationship, or four walls and a roof alone; one must serve mankind to truly experience eternal life as the daily reality of God. People who walk in abundant life feel Significance experienced through Service.



“I no longer seek a substance or a way of numbing things to deal with anything.”

Alana sought help from the Lord, who lead her to The Foundry. She went all in with the tools, resources, and programs offered to her. Her commitment to the program and her obedience to the Lord carried her through the tough times. Now, almost two years after graduating, Alana’s life is completely different.

Read Alana’s Story





Aftercare Services:

  • Education
  • Job training
  • Accountability
  • Church involvement
  • Life-long support
  • Individual counseling
  • Community outreach
  • Transitional housing as needed

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