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But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Matthew 6:33


Have you ever walked into the grocery store without first making a list of what you need to purchase? Naturally, your first stop is the produce section because it’s at the front of the store. You wind your way through the section, picking up nutrient rich items as you go. Approaching the end of the last produce bin, you stop to consider which direction to take next. You can see the rest of the store in sight, but, because you don’t have a shopping list, you aimlessly wonder aisle by aisle putting items in your cart. Some items are beneficial, some are not. You finally reach the check-out lane where you pay way more than you’ve budgeted for the week. You load the groceries into your car, drive home, unload everything, and then wonder what in the world you’ve just bought. You’ve spent an hour in the store, more money than you planned, and have nothing valuable to show for it. All because you didn’t make a list. You failed to set priorities for that trip and now you’re left with things that are not beneficial for you.

Isn’t that how life plays out sometimes? We start with great intentions, yet we fail to set our priorities at the beginning to ensure our intentions don’t return void. Matthew 6:33 gives us clear directions for our first step in setting priorities, “seek first his kingdom and his righteousness.” Not only does He give us a clear first step, but he gives us a promise of what that step guarantees. When we let His priorities be our priorities, we no longer have to worry about what the world frets over. We will find “our everyday human concerns will be met,” (Matthew 6:33 MSG).


Thank you, Father, for your Word that teaches us and changes us. We pray every man and woman at The Foundry would allow your priorities to become their priorities. We pray they would follow your clear instructions that lead to life. Allow their eyes to be opened to your faithful provision. Give them a expectant spirit for how you will fulfill your promise when they seek You first. In Christ Name, Amen.


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