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A Path to Purpose

What is your calling? Are you being called to something more? For service? For leadership? Here is an excerpt from the The YES Journey: A Story of Starting Where You Are and Living Your Purpose by Bill and Michele Heintz, co-founders of The Foundry Ministries. In it, Pastor Bill shares some of his experience and the passion God ignited in him to move forward.

“Once I realized I was really being called into the ministry, I had to learn to trust God. I had three strikes against me when it came to becoming a licensed pastor in my denomination: I was a former drug addict, I had no seminary education and I was divorced—twice.

But God was already speaking into my future. As I dived into his Word and learned to trust him with my life, I knew he could change others like he was changing me. I wanted to help lead others to the hope and purpose they would find in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, but I couldn’t do it if I held on to the shame and regrets of my past. I realized the best way to take hold of the future God had in store for me was to let go of the past.

I had a job to do. I had a passion and a purpose for my life. I had to be somebody for him. I had to begin my journey toward my Promised Land. It was time to leave ‘you’ll never amount to much’ far behind and begin to walk in the opportunities God was opening up to me every single day.”

Many are called to do great things like start ministries and lead worship or teach a small group. Others are called to do great things that look like regular, everyday things like unconditionally loving your family member, neighbor, or co-worker—who may be unlovable. What are you being called to do that is different from what you have done in the past?

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