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Monthly Prayer: My God is Trustworthy

My God is Trustworthy

“For all God’s words are right, and everything he does is worthy of our trust.”  –Psalm 33:4 TLB

Father God, I’m in constant amazement of your Holy Word. It soothes my anxious heart and breathes life into the weary places of my soul. Your unfailing love is written line by line and displays the true majesty of who you are. Thank you, Lord, for your Word. 

I confess that I sometimes deny the truth of your Word. I buy into the little lies that create doubt in my heart. I doubt that your Words are for me; I doubt your Words are “right.” I remember the pain people have caused me and the enemy begins to shout “Be careful, God might be just like those people.” But, praise be to You, who is higher, greater, and worthy of my trust. You gently whisper in my spirit that You are God Almighty; You are God Most High. The One who is bigger than anything going on and greater than the darkness that tries to wedge its way between us. 

Holy Spirit, I pray the words of Psalm 33:4 to be written on my heart. May these words be the first I turn to when doubt begins to creep in. Let these words change my heart and my life for Your glory. 

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