Building a Godly Foundation

Seth grew up on a farm, in a military family. “I was a hard-working, motivated person,” he says. After high school, he chose to follow his family’s footsteps and enter the service, where he flourished under the discipline and daily routine. But after his term ended and he no longer lived in a structured environment, he fell victim to the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Soon his destructive behaviors overshadowed the high ideals he’d once embraced and impacted every area of his life. “All my struggles have been from my alcohol and drug abuse,” he says. “It worked my mind and had me blinded.”

When his addiction began to destroy his family, his wife urged him to come to The Foundry. “She saw that I needed help and that I needed a relationship with the Lord before I could be a good husband and father,” Seth shares.

In our Recovery Program at Foundry Farm near Cullman, Seth finds strength in the program’s structure and routine – which is similar to what he experienced in the military. “It helps tremendously, being used to that type of atmosphere,” he says.

Through faith-based counseling, the fellowship of other God-seeking men and the example of Christian mentors, he has found relief from his need for drugs and alcohol. “In doing so, it has also alleviated a lot of other problems in my life, like anger issues, depression and anxieties,”he says.

Now several months into the program, he understands and appreciates the one-year duration of the curriculum. “We didn’t get into our habits overnight, so it takes that much time to get out of them,” he explains.

and he says “Praise God” for compassionate friends like you who are providing him and others this transformational experience. “You can concentrate on the things you need to take care of and change in your life. It’s an opportunity to surrender what you’ve been doing and build a foundation in the Lord from the ground up.”

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Help other people like Seth…

These stories of hope and healing are inspiring. Our long-term recovery programs exist to help other men and women in central Alabama find healing. Will you help provide this help to others?


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