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Let’s Go for a Walk

Let’s Go for a Walk

Ah, the oppressive summer heat is fading, and I can feel fall in the air – let’s go for a walk!

While we walk, let’s share our hopes, disappointments, and fears.

Or, while we walk, let’s tell funny stories and giggle like children.

Or, while we walk, let’s enjoy nature and practice forest bathing.

Or, while we walk, let’s be quiet to receive God’s revelations.

Matthew 4:18-25 tells the story of Jesus walking along the Sea of Galilee and calling Peter, Andrew, James, and John to “Come, follow me…”. They dropped their nets, left their families, and walked with Jesus to teach, preach, and heal.

Jesus and his friends shared their struggles and the deep desires of their hearts while they walked. Perhaps they shed tears as they spoke of loved ones left behind. Angry words may have been said to release the tensions of frustration and rejection.

Can’t you imagine the bursts of laughter as they tickled and teased each other in good-hearted fellowship? Some walks were quiet, giving space to their thoughts and allowing nature to refresh them.

I’m so grateful for the friends who have walked with me when I’ve done all the talking! Their kind listening ears were a balm to my soul. I’m also grateful for the friends who humbled me with their vulnerability and trust as they wept and endured grief I cannot imagine.

Jesus invited his disciples into companionship because He knew that the journey is precious when you have a friend by your side. Call a friend and invite them for a walk. It may be the best walk you’ve had in a long time.

-Sis Dixon


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