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Jeannie, Volunteer Focus

Jeannie frequents The Foundry for a number of ministry purposes. She nourishes bodies by providing monthly meals to participants. During this time, she often brings family members along to serve, which fosters a Christian home and marriage model to many who have never witnessed such.

She spends many hours nourishing souls by mentoring on a consistent basis.

We believe iron sharpens iron, and that Christian behavior is to be modeled by those who have gone before us. Jeannie gives freely what has been given through her mentor relationships.

Often holidays are the most difficult time of year for those who struggle with addiction and are separated from their families, but Jeannie opens her home during the holidays
to create a safe place for those without loved ones to go and be a part of a family. This particular gift has been a great blessing over the years. Without opening her home, many would have otherwise spent that time alone. As a Difference Maker, Jeannie also connects our program participants to the local church and service opportunities. Our participants serve the homeless community alongside her.

She is an excellent role model representing unconditional love, acceptance, and a servant’s heart. She has established trust with our participants through the quality time spent with them. Her genuine passion for the hurting spurs others toward compassion. Jeannie has personal experience with a loved one who has struggled with addiction. Seeing the personal effects of addiction has created a zeal in her to be part of the solution.

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