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Hungry For More

The point when we think we know all that there is to know is usually when we are in the most desperate need of spiritual growth. During times like these, it’s healthy to do a self-inventory. An important item to check off of our list is unending hunger for God and the things of God.

People have the tendency to become bored and complacent easily. Church attendance becomes routine; fellowship is spent looking at watches and phones; counting how many worship songs have been sung before we sit down turns into a tradition. We wonder why we feel such moments of emptiness and dissatisfaction. We were created by God to yearn for his love and his presence. There will be times when the inevitable ups and downs pull us away from him. Remember this: He will always bless us with more than we could dream of when we give our time, energy, and focus to him. Do not let the enemy curb your hunger with lies and false comfort. Nothing will ever be truly satisfying to our hearts in light of communion with the living God. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be satisfied. Their fullness will overflow.

Hunger is good—if it makes you work to satisfy it.” Proverbs 16:26 [TLB]

Father, there is only one who can truly satisfy my restless heart, and that is you. I pray that my hunger for you draws me deeper into fellowship with your Holy Spirit. I pray today for reminders of how blessed I am to be hungry. I know you are the one who satisfies my every need. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

by Graham Bufford
Director of After Care
Original Post Date June 29, 2016
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