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Holy of Holies

by Rick Todd
Chief Logistics Officer/Assistant Pastor

In biblical times, only Levitical Priests were permitted to enter the sacred space called the Holy of Holies. As he opened the curtain and stepped into the chamber just outside the room to perform his priestly duties, I wonder what his thoughts were knowing God Almighty was just a few feet away.

Positioned to his right sat the table of the bread of presence. The table was filled with freshly baked unleavened bread; twelve loaves to be exact, representing the twelve tribes of Israel. I imagine the room being filled with the delicate scent of freshly baked bread, taking me back to my childhood, sitting in the kitchen as mom pulled the sweet delicacy from the oven. What a beautiful representation of fellowship with a Holy God that desires and yearns to commune with mankind. The very Bread of Life that brings salvation loves us so much He wants to sit and share precious moments with us.

The lamp stand made of pure gold sat to the priests’ left. Seven branches stretched out from one side of the room to the other. Each branch held a small almond bud-shaped bowl at the top. Inside each bowl held oil and a wick, which provided light to the room. As the priest carefully trimmed each wick, I wonder if he understood this foretaste of what was yet to come. The Light of the World, Jesus, would bring His light into the darkest circumstance and change everything. Was the priest moved to tears, as I often am, that the creator of the universe chose to shine his light of love on humanity despite our wanderings from his presence?

Standing before the altar of incense, the priests performed their morning and evening tasks, making sure the heavenly scent rose, continually offering a fragrance of life before a Holy God. What a great responsibility and an awesome privilege to stand before Jehovah, as the sweet bouquet rose and filtered throughout the small room. It is important to understand that just as incense arises, our prayers, our adoration, our worship, our devotion and our lives continually rise as a pleasing, anointing aroma in the nostrils of our Creator. God our Father desires the same holy friendship with us that He lost with Adam in the garden; so much so that He sacrificed His only Son.

I find it extremely difficult to put into words my feelings of the revered time spent with my Lord through music. However, if you ever wonder what my perspective of worship is: Just step into the Holy Place.

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