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Give Where You Live: making an impact in your backyard

Give Where You Live: Making an impact in your backyard

Summer—the season greatly anticipated by students, teachers, and families.  It means sunshine, cool treats, and hopefully, some much needed time off. While we are enjoying our beach vacations or simply hanging out at the neighborhood pool– men, women, and children around the Birmingham area are lacking essentials such as food, shelter, and other necessary resources. Now is the time to Give Where You Live.

As a ministry, we focus on local efforts that create life-change beyond our four walls and pour into the city.  This mission has allowed us to bring real transformation for our neighbors in the Birmingham metro area through our Rescue and Recovery programs.  

During the summer months, we typically see a decline in the number of financial gifts received from the community.  That’s why this summer we are launching, “Give Where You Live”; this campaign invites you to truly bring life-transforming resources to your neighbors who are struggling with homelessness, addiction, or poverty.  This exciting opportunity begins today! The campaign will run throughout the next 65 days of summer, often when people need the most help to ward off the heat.

Funds raised will be used locally to provide guests of The Foundry with safe beds, nutritious food, and life-changing guidance. During the summer, The Foundry expects to provide more than 34,000 nights of shelter; serve 116,000 meals, and help 51 guests achieve their goal of becoming graduates from a long-term recovery program.

Gifts will help people like Gradine, who came to The Foundry after her release from prison. She completed the Women’s Recovery Program, where she gained the skills and self-confidence to rebuild her life. Today, she works at The Foundry Dental Center and is an encouragement to everyone she meets. She says, “Before coming to The Foundry, I was just surviving.” Now, she says, “I’m thriving.”

This summer, everyone in our community has a chance to help people like Gradine find healing and hope for a brighter future.  If you Give Where You Live, you can make a lasting difference to help ease burdens and restore lives!

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