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From Hunger to Hope

Imagine never eating a crisp salad or a fresh, juicy apple packed with wholesome nutrients your body needs to thrive. Unfortunately, this is the reality for some low-income families and senior adults in our community with limited access to transportation.

The Foundry’s Mobile Food Pantry brings nourishment to our neighborhoods, driving into five low-income areas to share fresh fruits and vegetables along with 450 meals to those in need. Stanley, one neighbor blessed by the Pantry, shares: “A lot of older people can’t get out to get fresh vegetables, but the Pantry has helped my health.”

Mary has benefited from the Pantry for as long as she can remember. “I take a water pill that drains my body of potassium,” she says, “but the Mobile Food Pantry gives me oranges and bananas to help me get the vitamins I need. It blesses so many people.”

Not only does our Mobile Food Pantry provide for the elderly, but we also make sure growing boys and girls have access to the nutrition their bodies need. Many children don’t eat these essential, vitamin-rich foods on weekends because they’re not at school where such meals are served. Every weekend, we provide over 200 elementary school children with healthy “Pack-A-Snack” food items that are easy and convenient for children to open and prepare.

“There are a lot of poor folks here who don’t make much,” Janie says, “but it’s a blessing that God sent the Pantry to help these people. Getting fruits and vegetables doesn’t cost us, and it’s helped our health a lot.”

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