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Farrah: Fifty for Fifty

Farrah: Fifty Stories for Fifty Years

I can’t speak for other rehabs, but The Foundry didn’t feel like rehab at all. The love I experienced there was beyond my expectations, and I needed that! It truly is “where lives are reshaped by the hands of God.”

I met God in a fresh new way because they invited the Holy Spirit to do its work in chapel, counseling sessions, the classes we took, and even at the thrift store.

Now, I am the Director of Operations at Hope Inspired Ministries. I’m also teaching our classes of H.I.M on Saturdays at The Foundry!

I never dreamed my life could be this amazing. God restored my family. I’m working in ministry, happily married, and expecting my first child, a girl!

I’m naming her Gracy because that’s what the Foundry showed me, Grace!

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