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Donate Your Car – Change a Life

Donate Your Car – Change a Life 

You may see grandma’s old 1965 Thunderbird or the “Lemon” sitting in your front yard as junk, but to the men and women in our program struggling with addiction it’s so much more!  When you donate your used vehicle to The Foundry Ministries, you help reshape the lives of men, women, and families in your community. The Foundry Ministries is a 501(c)(3) charity organization that provides programs for addiction recovery and community outreach. 

It’s convenient to donate–you can drop it off at our location in Bessemer or we will travel up to 60 miles to come pick up your vehicle, whether it’s running or not!  Best of all, the funds generated from your vehicle will go directly to those in need. That’s right, 100%!  We also handle all the annoying paperwork for you.

Once the vehicle is brought back to The Foundry Auto Center, our program participants service, detail, and make the donation ready for resale.  The center provides an opportunity for our addiction recovery program participants to gain valuable marketing, auto repair, administrative, leadership, and sales skills. 

Also, when you donate your vehicle, you’ll receive a tax deduction (minimum of $500), along with the reassurance that you’re helping change a life! It’s a win-win.  Skip the hassle of selling it yourself and donate your car, truck, SUV, boat, motorcycle…today! Call (205)426-9000 or fill out the form on to schedule a free convenient pick up.  

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