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Case Managers at The Foundry Ministries

Case Managers at The Foundry Ministries

Case Manager:

One who assists in the planning, coordination, monitoring, and evaluation of services for a [participant] with emphasis on quality of care and continuity of services.”

(as defined by the Merriam Webster Dictionary)

The Foundry Ministries’ Case Manager:

“One you can count on to walk alongside you during your recovery journey who will continually encourage, support, and advocate for you while assisting with your practical needs.”

(as defined by the Director of Social Services)

At The Foundry, our Case Managers are well equipped and experienced. Each member of the team finds great joy and satisfaction in guiding participants to achieve goals in these areas:

  • Family/Home: We work with participants to develop a home plan that will set them up for success after transitioning out of our program.
  • Job/Employment: We provide resume writing assistance and help them apply for employment as they near the end of their time with us.
  • Legal: We advocate for participants’ progress and assist with legal concerns; case managers walk participants through the process of acquiring a birth certificate, Social Security card, and ID.
  • Finance: We refer participants to the appropriate community resources that assist with financial concerns. We ensure they have information about budgeting and making healthy financial decisions.
  • Church: We encourage and guide them to find a local church so their worship will continue as they get more acquainted with God and discover more of who they are in Him.
  • Health: We ensure dental, medical, and vision needs are met while they are a participant in our recovery program.

The Case Management Department communicates closely with other team members, including counselors, program managers, and employment readiness supervisors, to continually evaluate and monitor each participant’s journey to freedom. 

On average, The Foundry’s case managers have assisted with the following between January and September 2019:

  • 500+ legal “touches”
  • 40+ dental appointments
  • 110+ medical appointments
  • Resume prep/job search for 40+ participants

Yes, we do as the Merriam Webster definition above implies. But, along with those duties, we also are “continually rejoicing with the truth, always protecting, always trusting, always hoping, and always persevering” on the participant’s behalf as God’s Word has instructed (1st Corinthians 13).

Dana Chavers, LBSW
Director of Social Services

The Lost and Foundry Show
with Dana Chavers


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