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Beauty From Ashes: A Look at Hearts of Hope 2022

Hearts of Hope 2022 was an incredible event! We are so thankful for your prayers, encouragements, and gifts.

Hearts of Hope 2022 was themed Beauty From Ashes. When a lady arrives at The Foundry, she is leaving a past filled with guilt, shame, brokeness . . . ashes. Hearts of Hope is a celebration of the beauty she finds while here at The Foundry. 

The Beauty From Ashes Exhibit was a great showcase of how a life can be transformed through the healing power of Christ.

True transformation happens when God reveals to you the root cause of your addiction. Life Maps are an outstanding tool to see our life patterns, identifying that root cause. Carrie and Susannah’s incredible Life Map presentations gave us a small glimpse into the process at The Foundry.

Watch Carrie and Susannah’s Life Map presentations.

Your support of wives, mothers, and daughters is significant. You are bringing families back together.

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