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Ashley Cox: Fifty for Fifty

Ashley Cox: Fifty Stories for Fifty Years

Almost 6 years ago, I was at my rock bottom. Drugs had replaced all the important things in my life, and my relationships with my friends and family were broken.

When I came to the Foundry, the staff worked patiently with me. Over the next 12 months, they helped me heal from years of drug abuse. The Foundry showed me what a new life with a relationship with Jesus Christ looked like. My counselors taught me that I could depend on the Lord for all of my needs.

Today I have a restored life, which is only possible because of the work the Lord has done in my heart. I have friends and family that depend on me once again, and I am a role model to my children. I have a career and a purpose that make me excited to wake up each morning.

Most importantly, I am living a life today that I am proud of!

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