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John Roland

“I have been called to intentionally create win/win opportunities for individuals, stakeholders and organizations in strategic partnership with The Foundry. It is a joy to tell and honor the sacred stories of the men, women and children permanently transformed by the hands of God at The Foundry.”

After completing two semesters in law school, John surrendered to God’s call on his life. Following five years as a senior pastor and a college religion instructor, John served a total of eight years as an executive in advancement with the Atlanta Boy Scouts, Kennesaw State University and Luther Rice University. Prior to his coming to The Foundry, he was the Marketing and Social Media Lead for a division of the IT firm, Blackbaud.

He has received a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration from Samford University, a Master of Divinity (MDiv) from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Kennesaw State University. His education has built a broad and diverse skill set to address the varied and unique marketing and development needs at The Foundry.

“What has amazed me in my faith journey is how sovereign God is in our lives. He is in active pursuit to restore and redeem our broken places and He wastes nothing we experience.”

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