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Brandon Lackey

Brandon Lackey served The Foundry Ministries for nearly two years as the Director of Changed Lives Christian Center, a homeless transitional housing ministry, before transitioning to his current role as Chief Program Officer in 2015. In this position Brandon’s focus is on the continued improvement and enhancement of every aspect of The Foundry’s Rescue, Recovery and Re-Entry programs. “My primary responsibility is to support the directors of our front-line ministries so they can meet the mental, physical, social and spiritual needs of each of our program participants,” he says, adding He is “grateful the organization is committed to professionalism within the framework of the Gospel.”

Before joining The Foundry, Brandon served for more than a decade with Alabama Teen Challenge, Inc. where he held positions in management and development. He also spent 16 years in a volunteer leadership role helping at-risk-youth experience the greatness of God in an outdoor scouting ministry. He holds a Bachelor of Science in the behavioral sciences from The University of Alabama at Birmingham.  

Advocacy for those without a voice is important to Brandon so he serves on the boards of the Alabama Rescue Services Association and the Alabama Association of Christian Recovery Ministries. As a founding member of the Alabama Association of Christian Recovery ministries, he was instrumental in working with the Alabama Legislature to change Alabama’s mental health laws protecting religious freedom and choice in recovery. He also created a set of standards for non-medical recovery organizations that emphasize best practices, transparency and accountability. He worked with the Alabama District Attorney’s office to classify the addictive compounds found in Kratom as a Schedule I controlled substance and continues to work closely with state officials in a watchdog role to identify emerging threats to the public’s health and safety.

Most recently, Brandon has been named to Alabama Governor Kay Ivey’s Commission on Opioid Abuse and Overdose with a focus on expanding access to treatment and recovery services.

“I have always felt a calling to influence others and make a positive impact,” he says. “I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to fulfill my purpose at The Foundry.” He invites all who share concern for the hurting and disenfranchised to partner with The Foundry as well.

“Together we can make a difference with the expectation of lasting results through Christ-centered programs and life-giving relationships.”

Brandon has been married to Deidre, a nationally published photographer, since 2003 and has two children – Soccer playing John Brooks and chess playing James. The Lackey family are members of Birmingham’s Church of the Highlands and help repair broken families as a foster family.

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