Rescue. Recovery. Reentry.

Rescue. Recovery. Reentry.

Where lives are reshaped by the hands of God, through Christ-centered programs and services.

The Foundry Ministries restores hope and rebuilds the lives of the addict, the ex-inmate and the destitute through Christ-centered Rescue, Recovery and Re-Entry.

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Blanket of Hope

I arrived at work at 6:30am, as I usually do, when I noticed a green hump the size of a human in the corridor against the wall beneath the entry keypad. Doing a double take, I realized the hump was a person huddled under a jacket. I nervously checked out my surroundings as I looked

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Sacrificial Living

As I read my Bible, I often imagine myself living during that time period, especially when it comes to the writings of Paul. I imagine what it would be like to be hungry for Godly instruction; then personally receiving one of Paul’s letters written from prison. Or, how I would feel to be one of

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Long Term Encouragement

Considering quitting his dream, Walt Whitman received a note of encouragement from someone that stated “Dear Sir, I am not blind to the worth of the wonderful gift of Leaves of Grass. I find it the most extraordinary piece of wit and wisdom that America has yet contributed.

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