Rescue. Recovery. Reentry.

Rescue. Recovery. Reentry.

Where lives are reshaped by the hands of God, through Christ-centered programs and services.

The Foundry Ministries restores hope and rebuilds the lives of the addict, the ex-inmate and the destitute through Christ-centered Rescue, Recovery and Re-Entry.

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Adopt A Classroom

Sprinklers are on. Popsicles are being consumed by the box. Homework is nowhere to be found. Signs are all around that indicate summertime is in full swing!  Most kids, and parents, yearn for summer all year long. The concerns of the school year have subsided and it’s all about 

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Monthly Prayer: My God is Powerful

Father, I look around and see the beauty and the wonder of your creation. Your love is displayed in the gentle breeze that gives way to the heat of the day; in the calming sound of water flowing through the woods; in the cry of a newborn child. The markings of your power are inescapable;

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Give Where You Live

Summer—the season greatly anticipated by students, teachers, and families.  It means sunshine, cool treats, and hopefully, some much needed time off. While we are enjoying our beach vacations or simply hanging out at the neighborhood pool– men, women, and children around the 

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