Recovery. Rescue.

Recovery. Rescue.

Where lives are reshaped by the hands of God, through Christ-centered programs and services.

The Foundry Ministries restores hope and rebuilds the lives of the addict, the ex-inmate and the destitute through Christ-centered Recovery and Rescue.

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Addiction Aftercare

Addiction has been declared an epidemic in the United States. It affects individuals, families, education, politics, socioeconomics, healthcare, employment, crime, transportation, and housing. These are only a few lenses from the larger perspective.  Faced

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Monthly Prayer: My God is Light

My God, how I love you! From the beginning of this world, you brought light to a dark and formless creation. Light illuminates all things. It brings focus and clarity to what we struggle to see. With light, we are able to determine the authenticity of our surroundings. The same is

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Reaching the Community

At The Foundry, we believe the world is changed one reshaped life at a time. We carry that belief throughout the variety of services we provide to our recovery program participants, but we also carry this belief through our efforts in reaching the community we serve within.

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