The team at The Foundry includes

Countless volunteers, financial supporters and prayer partners devoted to the work of reshaping lives.

A leadership team dedicated to making our vision of permanently transformed lives through Christ-centered ministries a reality for the thousands that come through our doors.

Program and support staff committed to restoring hope and rebuilding lives (about 30% of our staff completed one of our programs before joining our team).

A board of directors who provide godly oversight and steer our ministry toward a sustainable future.

Meet our Lead Team

Board of Directors

Tom Mayfield, Chairman
Edmund Perry, Vice-Chairman
Craig Cecil, Treasurer
Sherri Jackson Pereira, Secretary

Garry Ard
Anthony Bandura
Whitney DeBardeleben
Dave Duncan
John Fischer, MD
Greg Giles
Connie Hartley
Doug Jackson
Eric Kerley
M. J. Lyons, III
Guy Martin
C. Ben Nevins
Nancy Peeples
Rick Stewart
Jay Weatherly