Our story is the story of the grandfather who has never seen his grandchildren because he’s been in jail, celebrating freedom with his grandchildren around him and sharing his excitement in teaching them about Jesus and about doing what’s right.

We proclaim freedom for the former prisoners who come to us.
The Foundry is a place they learn the satisfaction of work and purpose.

The Foundry’s six-month Reentry Program is designed to help men leaving prison successfully transition to independence.

  • Through our Christ-centered curriculum, worship services, Bible study and prayer, Reentry Program participants apply God’s word to leave behind past behaviors and plan for their futures.
  • Counseling, life-skills classes and adult education equip them with the tools they need to remain free and to become reestablished in their communities.
  • Ex-inmates live at The Foundry where we meet their need for shelter, food, clothing and basic health and dental care.
  • We help them obtain legal documents such as a driver’s license and birth certificate.
  • There is a one-time intake fee of $450 and once they are employed, program participants contribute financially toward transportation, rent and other needs.

For more information about our Reentry Program, please email reentry@foundryministries.com or call 205-424-HOPE (4673).