Our story is the story of the compassionate man with the easy smile who came to us for food because he had none, and now prepares plates for his hungry neighbors.

We bring hope and help to the impoverished men, women and children we serve. The Foundry is a place they are physically, mentally and spiritually fed.

  • Our worship services are open to the homeless and members of the community every Thursday evening and Sunday mornings, except for the first Sunday of each month.
  • Over 400 elderly, single parent and poverty stricken households are fed weekly through our Community Outreach meals and our Mobile Food Pantry that delivers food to underserved neighborhoods.
  • Our Pack-A-Snack program feeds 200 school children every weekend who would likely be hungry without our help.
  • Case management and job training resources help our neighbors in need better manage their financial situations, disabilities or other circumstances.
  • Crisis victims of fires or storms can receive vouchers for clothing, household items and furniture through our Thrift Stores.
  • UAB School of Nursing Foundry Medical Center offers primary and urgent care for health concerns—including diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease—at a reasonable flat fee for those who are uninsured or under-insured.
  • Foundry Dental Center provides low-cost dental exams and procedures for our program participants and the community.
  • Through Changed Lives Christian Center in Birmingham we offer shelter, meals and basic medical services to homeless men.

For more information about our Rescue Program, please email rescue@foundryministries.com or call 205-424-HOPE(4673).

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